The YouTube makeup artist on the divalicious rhinestone outfit he wore for his first Mac campaign and using fashion to break down gender stereotypes

This is the outfit I wore for my first Mac campaign in 2017 it was fully rhinestone, head to toe. It was a memorable look for me because I bought all the material, all the stones and all the accessories for it and had it made by a drag queen. It weighed 60lb so it was like having another little person on me; extremely heavy, but just so beautiful.

Having previously worked on a Mac counter, I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be in a campaign. I wanted to wear the most divalicious outfit I could so that I stood out. Because Im plus size, I prefer to design my own outfits and collaborate with designers. When I started losing my hair, I began wearing head-wraps and then turbans, which I like to have match the rest of my look. I also work with my hair stylist to craft the turbans its beautiful when it all comes together. I find inspiration on Pinterest, watch fashion shows on YouTube and then I put my own twist in it that will flatter my body.

I dont always wear bespoke items: I love Asos, I love Forever 21, I love River Island but its often really hard for me to find clothes that fit. My shoes are from Maya Shoes of Hollywood, which stocks shoes for drag queens and actors Lady Gaga buys her shoes there, too. Its my secret weapon.

Its not out of vanity that I wear these outfits its important for me to represent a community. I had an actor approach me with his daughter, who was about four years old, on the red carpet recently. She was just like: Wow, I like your dress! I thought it was cool that someone so young could admire a 29-year-old, plus-size Filipino in a dress at a Disney premiere.

I use fashion to break down gender stereotypes because I still identify as male. It was hard for me I used to always wear trousers and I worried about breaking away from that from a branding standpoint. But then I just thought: why not just wear what I want and be the glamazon that I want to be?



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